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Sufferer for 6 months

After reading so many Athlete's foot reviews and by trials and error, I am finally on the road of beating it so I promised myself i would share this and give back to those who are suffering like i did.

I went overseas to a friend's house and suddenly felt an itch at my foot during dinner. I dig and scratch at it until it bled and tried my best to keep my composure. Weeks later i found white itchy bumps at the sole of my feet. Being stubborn, I never went to dr and thought it would go away. Eventually after scratching, they spread all throughout my foot and to my other foot. This happened within 6 months of first contact. Finally went to dr who gave me lamisil cream (generic name is terbinafine hydrocloride 1\\%). This didn't work too well, but i finally found what worked and now my feet are ringworm free. They are still healing from scars but no more itchy bumps that makes me go crazy in the night.

1) You can buy full prescription strength cream 1\\% at walmart or target. Bought my 1\\% terbinafine hydrocloride cream at target for $10 bucks. Dont buy lamisil, because this is more expensive due to brand name and has the same thing as what i bought.

2)What really cured my feet was : IODINE/POVIDINE solution. $6 at target in the first aid aisle. This DOES KILL THE FUNGUS INSTEAD OF KEEPING IT AT BAY

3) Soak your feet in cold water with some ice, sea salt, most importantly is alot of iodine povidine mixed into it. Some cheap vinegar $3 for 2 gallons at costco. Soak at least twice a day or when itchy.

4) Add some drops in tea tree oil for that minty cold fresh feel. I find the smell very strong but liked how it made my feet feels cool/cold minty and less itchy and hot when i sleep at night. THIS IS ANti fungal so it helps prevent fungus

5) AFTER SOAK, dry ur feet really well. Apply terbinafine 1\\% twice a day. At night, you need to apply TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE OINTMENT .1\\% right after the terbinafine to stop your feet from cracking due to dry skin and being itchy because of dry skin. This is a corticosteroid and is suitable for those who has eczema as well. DO NOT use vaseline or lotion for dry feet because more fungus will grow. Vapors rub did not work well for me, but this did.

I did this and within 5 days, my feet healed 70\\%. Only reason why it came back was because i scratched.

If you do all this but the fungus is still spreading, you probably have a bacterial infection as well and should go ask for oral lamisil/terbinafine from your dr. DR will always try to give you the cream and start minimal treatment but refuse and tell them you tried lamisil cream already for 1 month. They will have to give you the higher dosage with oral medicine.

Prevention- buy ZEABSORB 2\\% AT WAlmart and put in shoes to prevent. Change shoes everyday and sun out for as long as you can.

If this works for you, please do me a favor and help others by sharing this.

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