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I somehow chipped my front left tooth. I went to the dentist hoping that they could fix it. They told me that I could have it pulled out but I didn't want to do that because it is a front tooth. I felt so embarrassed, but they told me that It needed a root canal. but my insurance did not cover it. So I went home and researched it and came across this site that under this program called the health safety net where they do services that insurance don't cover. So the hsn. will do the root canal free to me under this program. I was able to find a dentist close to me that would do it. So I made an appointment to have my tooth looked at and then they scheduled the appointment for a month later. So April 27th I will have it fixed. But 3 days ago I started to feel severe pain in my broken tooth. It's a sharp, sensitive piercing feeling. It's very painful. So the tooth must of chipped more an now the nerve is exposed. I called the dentist to try get a sooner appointment but said the dentist doing the procedure is coming in on that day. So they just sent two prescriptions to the pharmacy. One is amoxicillin for antibiotic in the second is ibuprofen. I was a lil mad cus I been taking ibuprofen already an its not working. They said to take it every four hours. I kind of wanted a couple Percocet for the pain. I still have about 12 more days to go. I don't kno if taking the ibuprofen more often will help. I kno the antibiotic will, but this pain is unbearable and kills. I didn't see anything in the home remedy that I would try. Just one that there's an oral kit at Walgreen's but don't kno if it'll help my broken front tooth. I heard that the air hitting the nerve makes it so painful. I believe that's very true. I'm hoping I can get pain meds ASAP! I'm going to go to Walgreen's tomorrow to see if I can find anything that will help???

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Yes get the dental kit with the soft stuff,not sure what it's called. It's the same stuff the dentist uses in temporary fillings. It'll keep the air from hitting that nerve. I've used it many times.


I have the same exact problem. the pain affects the whole left side of my face due to an exposed nerve. They prescribed me Norco. But I take ibuprofen 600s instead. After taking The ibuprofen, I ice my nerves. It helps a lot.

moma s

My dental insurance caps out at 1500 hundred a yr. I had 4 teeth pulled last yr in mid july. I had the choice of no anesthesia and have 4 teeth pulled and or anesthesia and 3 teeth pulled and late found out that they old have done five after getting the insurance statement. I can't get any assistance cuz of the 1500 insurance coverage. I'm a female and one of my front ones and the one right beside it was pulled so I know the feeling of pain. there might be the possibility of 5-6 teeth that can be saved. the 1st dentist I saw about a yr and half ago in Jan. I sat in the office for 3 hrs before evendors being seen. the dentist was impletely rude. If you live in CT I wouldn't recommend Dr. Dental. I wouldn't even see another dentist until approx April wen I went 2 the ER cuz the pain was so bad. The second dentist I seen said I needed 14 root canals ND could b more wen she got inside the other teeth. So she told me 2 see an oral surgeon. I don't even know how many needles of novacaine or lidocaine I was given just for an extra tooth 2 b pulled not fun at all. Neither dentist even tried 2 do a leaning so in 4 months time how do u go from let's start filling cavaties 1 by 1 to 14 root canals in 4 months time. I can relate to b the pain nd have had 2 absessess in the past 2 months cuz of course without having the work done the decay keeps getting worse but if the 1st dentist would have done a cleaning it wouldve at least slowed the decaying down down along with starting 2 fill the cavaties. I've had nothing but bad experiences that I've had 2 deal with the pain for almost 2 yrs now. Oral surgeons don't take payment plans nd will also need dentures as well. the pain is so bad all I can do is lay nd cry cuz I can tell u advil or motion which are the same thing nd Tylenol won't even come close 2 the pain. nd 4 that length of time has just caused problems 2 my stomach nd y continue 2 take pills that don't help. my whole lower left side of my jaw gums nd teeth swelled up the entire side like bout half a base ball. not exaggerating. I've had no choice but 2 suffer cuz the cost is beyond what I can afford but I'm gona try the suggestion of the comment on what insurance doesn't over. nd the 1st infection I was allowed 600 MG of motrin. what a joke but if I need a lil pain med once in awhile it won't kill me nd this infection I got 12 vicodin 5 mg with 300 MG of tylenol. other than that wen I had the teeth pulled I got 20 percent 5 with 325 MG of tylenol with 1 refill. but I think he did something wrong cuz I left with my entire nose numb nd for 3 months above my lip a certain area continued 2 b quite uncomfortable just 2 touch it. I know pain med isn't the answer but if u don't have 10 grand to remove ur teeth nd another 4 grand 4 upper nd lower dentures what else am I suppose 2 do. Warm water with a half tsp salt swishes helps at times. I use different things like baking soda with peroxide nd sensodyne tooth paste nd wait couple min b4 rinsing so it can do its job. I go in 5 days 2 get as many teeth pulled as I can. so I can relate 2 the pain. I feel I finally found the right dental group. they cover everything from cleanings 2 oral surgeons periodontist etc. it's never 1 certain tooth that hurts cuz I hAve 4 broken teeth nd a quite a lot that that the pulp nd or the roots are exposed. I keep my fingers crossed that I finally found the right but still have no idea how 2 afford the work that need 2 b done on my mouth. I use 2 have really nice teeth went 4 cleanings every 6 months nd stopped going cuz he did work on my sons 2 front teeth went the got broken in an accident over the front of his ten speed bike nd went across the tar broke his 2 front teeth nd watched him work on my son's teeth that the work kept breaking nd he finally did root canals nd crowns. 5 grand later for 2 teeth. I wouldn't recommend Dr Gaudio or Bencivengo who broke apart so that should tell u there were issues there. Idk what but even after they split they both wanted the entire amount which I would've double payed. I've been brushing nd flossing twice a day nd I'm open 2 NE suggestions cuz ones brain is only gona go back so many times b4 giving up ND that's how my teeth ended up so bad was giving up along with so many types of food I want but have 2 b careful not 2 break nemore teeth or further damage. I use 2 have 2 minor cavatars nd minor gingivitis nd one 2 many bad experiences nd having bad depression I just stopped caring 2 the point of needing almost if not all my teeth need 2 removed with advanced periodontal disease nd some bone loss. I am very self conciencious nd feel stuk in a vicious circle of baby steps that no one should have 2 suffer. u have 28 teeth not incling the wisdom. knock on wood I only had a prob with 1. But 4-5 teeth a yr in addition 2 upper nd lower dentures or partials I don't feel like there's ever gona b a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sry bout the book I wrote but it was 2 hard 2 explain what I had 2 in just a couple sentences. would love suggestions. hope someone that has some important knowledge that I don't reads this. ty 4 ne support I can get.

moma s

I had a lot of typos nd only have a cell phone so I couldn't figure out how 2 fix my typos nd info I repeated by accident. my bad. hope it's not 2 confusing 2 understand what I was trying 2 type nd say.

moma s

sry bout my typos couldn't figure out how 2 edit after I posted my comment or book. lol I'm also gonna try the suggestions on these comments


"didnt see anything on the site I would try" "I will go and see if they have soething in the store"...Er, wtf, if you WERE in TRUE pain, you would try ANYTHING, and ok, you didnt try anything, nothing worked for you and you wil go to the store. Who the hell cares, WHY are you even posting??? Not looking for help, not helping others for advise, justr writing your story, that nobody cares about..You seem like a person I would never hang out with

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