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I just mixed salt vinegar and garlic in warm water, washed my mouth with it and immediately the pain disappeared .

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salt ..vinegar ..garlic and warm water..worked for me


Any particular vinegar? Fresh garlic, powder?


Clove oil is the best, can find it at places like Sunflower Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts. Dip on a cotton ball & shove in tooth. Dentists use clove oil to fight pain from dry sockets, and also mix it with zinc powder to create temp fillings.

Can try Dent-Temp which I am assuming is the same thing as zinc & clove oil mix. Most people don't have Zinc on hand so maybe just buy the product.

Swishing with Listerine might provide 15-20 minutes of relief.

Crushed up Aspirin and placed in hole should provide immediate relief. But once again, this is temporary.

You can create a temp filling with candle wax, shaped into a small ball when warm and placed in cavity. This will help if exposure to air makes the nerve aggravated, by covering it.

Chewing on a tea bag (black tea) and spitting out the saliva that builds up might also provide some temporary relief.

Oil pulling. Take olive oil or coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. Spit it out. This will pull the infection out of your body. On a side note, if you are taking any medications it will pull that out of your body so start any needed meds after you do this.

If it's an abscessed tooth- eat 3 cloves of garlic twice a day, doing this cured an abscessed tooth for me in 24 hours. Garlic is highly under-rated, 3 cloves is actually stronger than the strongest on market antibiotic. But this cure only works for an abscess, as you are killing an infection, not dealing with tooth decay. You will know if what you have is an abscess because the gums around the tooth will be bigger, like a bubble around it, or if down in the jaw you will feel a bump on the bone.

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