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I've been struggling with BV for about 3 weeks now, im 16 and sexually active with my boyfriend. It started out with yellow discharge and a gross dead rat smell coming from the vagina or discharge. I tried douching with peroxide but then i just learned that doesnt cure it just take away my smell so i read about Vitamin C. I been taking it for 3 days intravaginally, my discharge is still yellow and theres a lot, also it has a strong smell not thats fishy or deadlike, it kind of reminds me of vitamins or baby formula. so im curious is the discharge yellow because of the vitamin? & do you think the smell will go away? im getting concerned, its making me depressed and stressed i just want it gone.

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Have you been tested for Trichomoniasis? The symptoms mirror BV. If you have not been diagnosed by a doctor, you need to go to the doctor. If I falsely assumed this because of your young age, my humble apologies. One should only try these remedies after one has been diagnosed by a doctor and conventional treatment has failed.


That sounds like gonorrhea bv discharge is milky/grayish and thin and has a fishy odor


I have suffered from this for over 10 years and tried everything from pills, vinegar/peroxide douche and countless other things. I fixed my bv issue by accident. I had a thyroid issue and started juicing veggies and fruit for breakfast and lunch and dinner I ate my normal meal. After a week or so I noticed I no longer had that smell from the bv. I gave it another two weeks because I was so used to it always coming right back but two months of this plant based diet change and still no bv. I believe the increase of alkaline veggies and fruit intake is the cause of this change. My ph is now balanced after so many years of being out of whack. All the years of have to do so much prep just to comfortably have sex with my husband are now gone. Bv is something that can make you feel less than a woman due to that horrid smell. I am and always have been a very clean person and still have no idea how the bv started but I'm now a raw foods lover for life. Did I mention I also lost weight without trying. I was embarrassed to even write this hoping no one I know will be able to find out its me writing this. But after years of researching to try to find a cure I feel it would be an injustice if I didn't share my success story. The medicine is not a cure we have to fix the balance from the inside and it's all about incorporating the proper food that balances our insides. Also I no longer have the pain staking irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, and bloating that I was suffering from for years.


you need to use a completely natural no sugar or additives vitamin c.

it will take a few days to do it. do some research. 8' doing it too

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