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Ok, This is my fourth and hopefully final time posting on here for GW. My issues started 6 months ago with one bump on my very upper inner thigh. I did nothing for 2 months. Then, 4 months ago I went to the doctor to be seen for the first time about the bump, which I thought had 'spread' to 4 bumps. The doctor put the acid solution on 2 of the 4 bumps. She wasn't even 100\\% sure the bumps she treated were warts, and she said 2 of the 4 were ingrowns for sure so she didn't treat them. So, now I am down to 2 bumps after the doctor burned the other 2 off with acid. For the next 3-4 months, I keep an eye on the 2 bumps (I am not as convinced as the doctor that they are ingrowns). I try applying coconut oil, it makes them bigger. I try applying tea tree oil, it definitely helps reduce the size and seems to make them go away, but not all the way. But I am still convinced they are warts. One of the bumps 'flared up' in the heat and the next day broke open and pus started coming out, so that's when I call the doctor again. I just went into the doctor yesterday. I told her all of this. She looked at the 2 bumps that have been there for 6 months. She confirms they are NOT WARTS. They are ingrown hairs. She says "warts will never have pus coming out of them" and they don't typically get irritated / swell in the heat. So, through all of this, I am not even 100\\% sure I EVER had warts. They could have all been ingrown hairs. I feel so silly - but also incredibly relieved. If your "warts" have pus coming out of them, they are probably not warts, and infected ingrown hairs. Google "ingrown hair cyst" and "infected ingrown hair" and you will see. I NEVER thought ingrowns could get like that, but boy was I wrong. So final tips of advice: Go to the freaking doctor and get a professional eye on your bumps. Don't go 6 months stressing about something you might not even have! Also, don't shave or wax, wear loose clothing (I've started going commando daily and I'll never look back to underwear again!). Honestly, I've started just looking at my lady parts in the mirror daily to get a better idea of what everything looks like when it's normal / healthy and I think this will help people get oriented with their private parts and what is normal and what is not. Also, warts are incredibly sensitive, tender and itchy, and mine were not very tender. Ok good luck ya'll. Go to the doctor. It's worth every penny for peace of mind.

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