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Jason Stevesson

I have occasional leg cramps in the middle of the night. I tried the bar of soap under the sheets. That seemed to work. I used Irish Spring soap, and renewed it every 2 months. I believe some of the constituents must evaporate to give the relief, and over a period of time, are used up. That does not hurt the use as soap, so the used bar goes in the shower. I found a product called Hyland's Leg Cramps, I think in Wal-Mart or CVS. I am amazed at how quick one tablet works. I keep a bottle in my travel case and another next to the bed. I stopped putting the Irish Spring in the bed, and use up those soap bars from the motels in the shower.

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I would try taking some magnesium and be sure to eat a banana at least once a day. You can take a magnesium supplement, but really what you need is the spray or even an epson salts bath would do the trick. I used to have them all the time.

Felicia Tawil

The Bar of Soap Actually WORKS !! My mom read it & has been doing this for years. Great for those w/ chronic leg cramps. Have to switch the bars out occasionally ;o) Thanks for the reminder !!


The bar of soap works for foot cramps also. I have used several brands of soap and only Ivory didn't work as well as Dove or Dial. Also works better for me if soap is on top of bottom sheet and touching my foot.


How do you use the soap I don't get how that works


I don't get how or why the soap works. BUT it works for me everytime. I carry soap everywhere I go. I just grab it, place it directly on the cramp and it's gone almost immediately.


wow i totality forgot about this.. can't explain why this works but it did..going back to it ..thanks for the reminder!! i was a sceptic for sure..thought WHAT!!?!?! your kidding me..but i was willing to do anything..and it worked !!!

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