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This is my 3rd time posting on here. When it First occurred in October I tried ACV, it kind of worked, brought down size but didn't get rid. Went to doc because one spread into 4 they burned two out of the 4 off. The doc didn't think the other 2 were warts. Then I tried my own home remedy of burts bees herbal blemish stick and I thought that worked but they reappeared. I treated with ACV again and it looks like one is gone but one is not so I'm going back to the doctor on Tuesday and I am really hoping they just treat them both like the other ones because that worked like a charm... Aloe Vera helps for when they become irritated. Also, don't touch them, keep them clean and dry. Eat healthy,'don't stress and I really would just go to the doc you'll feel better. You can go without insurance. It's worth it.

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That's the 4th time I've seen you post that. Are you just spamming?


no stress, healthy diet. Think that might work? I don't have health insurance so thats why I'm here at Home Remedies. I need something that's cheap that can keep me going without going bankrupt.

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