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Iv tried bread it just covers the area and takes away pain very quickly I was in pain all day then ate a slice and it covered into the area and pain disappeared you may have to keep applying cos u tend to keep swallowing it. Water is good too .. cold

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Tina Aeschlimann

ok this may sound odd but i have two teeth with exposed Nerve they have been killing me for two weeks now i dont have any thing for the pain but i have tryed ice water i wanted to scream and cry then i tryed a heating pad one night and it helps also swishing warm water and this is really odd but soda cleans them off i know ill have to have all my upper teeth pulled theres not mant left and when they cause pain its like hell i cant eat with out pain which has helped me lose weight


@ Nicky... This bread thing actually helped me a lot! I have an exposed nerve from my chipped molar, and like 5 min of me eating bread it brought the pain from a 10 to a 3! You're a life saver!

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