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Day 1 and i just bought a organic apple cider vinegar at whole foods. I bought a terrasil but that didnt help on my anal warts.

I started having and itch on my anal every time I poop. Then drying it, it started with simple just bleeding. But apparently it feels good 'yikes' to wiping but i guess im causing trauma and a wart starts to appear. I ignored it until it felt it gotten bigger and then seems like its spreading. It did.

Thats the time i look on google for answer.

I ran on this page and hoping that ACV really helps since Terrasil didnt. I used terrasil for AW for 6 days and it seems like it made the warts slowly progress, now its my day 1 trying the Organic ACV. I cleansed it with rubbing alcohol and boy it does sting.

But I told myself it will work. Pain didnt kill anybody. And i hate having AW. So yeah. Wish me luck. Thanks for all the help posting your treatment on this site and ill keep you guys posted!

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