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Hey y'all, if you're hear looking for answers, i'll bet you're in a similar amount of pain as myself. I learned about 5 years ago my wisdom teeth were growing in crooked which caused my back molars to hurt every time my wisdom teeth try to come through. Yesterday mine peaked again...

My ear hurts, head hurts, half the bottom side of my mouth hurts, and the tooth decay is bad! My back molar is broken at tip, and having pressure from wisdom teeth.. Here is what I have been trying.

1. Ice Pack- I do not cover with anything but put the ice pack directly on the cheek covering the painful tooth. I let this sit here for approximately 5 minutes until I can no longer take it. My tooth will pulse for several minutes, but the pain declines.

2.Liqui-Gel directly on the tooth. If you grab a push pin and pop the liqui gel you can drip the medication directly onto the painful tooth (It is absolutely disgusting tasting-Like wanna puke, but my pain instantly went away on day 1, did nothing today.)

3. Salt-Water, this is not helping me at all.

4. Orajel- Takes pain down for a few minutes, but then quickly reappears.

5. Keep up on Hygiene- I brush my teeth and use mouthwash after everything I eat /drink it hurts, but I know keeping up on hygiene will prevent this from getting worse.

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