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Hey..I got skint tag after giving birth. Had it like 5 years by now. Its really uncomfortable and ugly for me and i have planned to get rid of it for a long time but i was not sure because of the pain and complications. Also its wierd to talk about it to my boyfriend. he probably would not allow me to do such sick thing :D .. Anyway.. he went away for a week and i decided to do it - to try dental floss variant. I tied the floss yesterday evening and yes its uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. Same on the second day. If i feel less uncomfortable i retie it. Since its not possible to remove old floss i just leave it there and add new and thight one. About the shape - at first it was normal. In the morning it was a bit darker but not swollen. During the day it turned out to size of a pea and by the end of the day it went back to normal size. I tied it 2 times on second day. Now lets see what tomorrow brings :) Really hope it works and fall of before my BF will arrive :D

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On third day there was no pain st all and it was dark purple. I tied it for the last time. On fourth day it was black and dead and i cut it off with wery sharp fiskars skissors. Did not geel a thing and no bleeding as well. The result is not 100\%perfect because the part below tied part was pretty swollen and still is. Maybe it will go away. It is still better than it was before. About the is important to tie it hard to stop bloodflow. If you are not able to do that, you end up with lot of pain and complications.i had pain only for one day. I used plastic flat floss. It was abit slippery and with second knot i could thighten it up and fix it with rest knots. Although its good to keep it sterile and clean. Anyway.. good luck to you all.


well jeah..the old tag disappeared but the swollen area turned into a new tag. Not that big as it was before but not normal either. So i decided to order skin tag removal kit this time and try again. I got it today and tried it immediately it hurts like hell now :D Hope it works quickly ..


I cut off the dead tag after using skin tag removal kit for 3 days. It works way better than dental floss but it seems that unfortunately the tag is coming back again. I can see now why doctors wont remove it :(


what kit was this?


Now when the swelling is totally gone and wound is healed i see some good results. Not 100\% invisible but better than it was before i started my journey :)


Did you tie the dental floss yourself? As well as the Tag Band? Using a mirror? I have more then one tag and not sure how to so this maneuver by myself.


So interesting reading everyone's stories! I got my first hemorrhoid at age 18. I was very embarrassed, especially when my partner told me he noticed it (he just thought it was a skin tag and didn't mind). It was pretty small, but still annoying. I tried prep h, that did nothing at all. I also tried witch hazel, that did nothing either. I decided to try floss, and the only thing the floss did was kind of disconnect the skin tag from my "area". It didn't shrink, it just swelled up more. After 2 days or so, I decided to cut it off. It bled like crazy (don't do it on carpet like I did) but only for about a minute or two. I cleaned it up with some witch hazel and it was fine. It did leave me with a teeny tiny skin tag, but nothing at all compared to how it was. It's about a year later, and the stupid thing is back! I'm gonna try apple cider vinegar and tea tree to dry it up for a few days, then I'm cutting it off again. Wish me luck!

Lady M

Mine is back too :( I will try to remove it once again - third time. Before that i will take ascorutine tablets to strengthen my blood vessels. Maybe it will help to prevent the swelling of the area around the tag. Also i try to find something stronger that reduces inflammation.

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