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I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in June of last year. It's wasn't a cold sore that I had. I had it down on my Genitals. At first, the very rude dr who wasn't my normal one since I freaked out and had to get in sooner told me no doubt I had the GH. It was a relief to hear I only had HSV-1 when the tests all came back. I was told I can continue to take the medication until it's gone but I shouldn't have to worry about it ever coming back down there and it's just a one-time outbreak kind of deal since I was exposed. Now afraid it would ever come back I refuse to let anyone go down on me, weather it be for their protection or my own. I had some weird symptoms down there recently and instantly jumped to the conclusion that I had a yeast infection so went to the store did my treatment, didn't get better. Went to the Dr, had a Bacterial Infection. Did treatment, didn't get fixed. Went back, had both a bacterial and yeast infection at the same time! treated for both of those simultaneously. Still with no relief. During the time at the Dr I got a full STD check because why not, and came back all clear on everything other then the HSV-1 I knew I already had. Now this was all blood work. Dr appointment tomorrow to test some more. I think maybe since the PH levels in my vagina have been so off and have undergone some intense treatment that I'm having an outbreak. It's real similar to the one I had back in June. I'll make them take a culture this time. There's not a whole lot of research that I can find on HSv-1 Genital other then it's becoming more and more common. I know my story isn't \\%100 related, but if you took the time to read, thank you. Any relief would be great. Got the Ice Pack on now and plan on eating and applying some cocunut oil soon since it's what I have right now, and I'm severly broke haha, anyways ladies stay strong!

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Great post! Unfortunately I experienced the exact same thing so you’re def not alone.. possitive blood work for HSV1 but negative for HSV2. Dr. Said it may have been transferred from oral sex or if you touch your face during an oral outbreak on your face, you could possibly spread it if you end up touching your genitals without first washing your hands.. Being that I am prone to unconsciously touching/picking at any abnormality on my face (pinmples, scabs etc..) I could have accidentally spread it myself. Either way it still sucks having to deal with any outbreak. There really isn’t a lot out there about Genital HSV1 but again, it’s always good to know you’re not alone. Our poor va-ja-ja’s!! Be stronge, stay strong! ????

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