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hey guys! i've been reading everyone's posts on here for a while, trying to gather up the courage to band off a tag i've had since i was about 14 or 15. i'm 23 now, and i couldn't take it anymore - removing it is very overdue!

after doing some research, i purchased the tagband removal kit from amazon. i would definitely recommend it to anyone considering the banding off method, because they give you a bunch of extra bands, a really easy and effective tool to put them on, and the bands are designed for skin tags so they won't cut you like dental floss.

i started the process last night. i put on a band but didn't do it correctly (it's really quite difficult to maneuver down there at first) and the band got placed about midway (or even higher) on the tag. i tried to take it off, but i couldn't, so i just decided to put another tag on. that one got closer to the base, but not quite there. from reading these, i've gathered that the #1 most important thing to success is getting a tight band on the base. i couldn't get the second one off either, so i just decided to aim for the base with a third.

i got it on that time, much to my relief! i figured it would only help me to have extra bands on to really cut off any blood supply, so i left the other two alone and just triple checked that the third one was as far down and level with my normal skin as possible.

i'm going to be posting updates from now on, but here's how it's going so far:

day 1, 9:30pm : i applied the tags. i am not going to lie, the first 3 hours were pretty tough. the pain increased gradually to a very uncomfortable level. i felt myself starting to sweat, and i knew there was no way i was going to be able to sleep feeling like that! after about 3-4 hours, the pain level gradually went down to something annoying but totally manageable. i fell asleep and did not wake up at all during the night.

day 2. 10:30am: the next morning i woke up and it's at the same pain level - a little annoying, but completely bearable. i checked the tag and it looks like it has faded in color and shrunk in size a little bit, which means the cutoff is working! from what i can tell, the pain is mostly at the base.

i'll be posting updates in the comments. i read one other post here by someone who used this kit and it only took them 3 days, so i'm hoping for the same. it's tuesday, and i've got to return to work on thursday..

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day 3, 11:30am: the tag has shrunk significantly in size and is now dark purple / almost black. the pain goes back and forth from being annoying to being pretyt much unnoticeable. the tag isn't quite dead yet, though, as even though it is super dark in color it isn't dried out. it is numb to the touch (except at the base, i think). hopefully within a day or two it'll be gone for good!!

also had a BM yesterday and it was very difficult to keep clean - i ended up just showering and had some sanitizing wipes handy.


on day 3 it shrunk even more and was dark purple, pain subsiding. on day 4, i was able to go back to work (and i have the kind of job where you're on your feet all day long) and it was completely fine. when i got home and checked it, the tag was tiny and black (i couldn't believe how much it shrunk), but the area around it/underneath was starting to look really weird and puffy/swollen.

i got really freaked out and decided to cut it off right then. though i definitely should've waited, i didn't want something else abnormal to form in that swollen area so i felt like i couldn't wait.

i can't really describe how terrible cutting it off was (even though it was so small at that point)! this was the most painful part, and i had to be *VERY* careful not to cut any normal skin. i used disinfected nail scissors and it took me a good while. there was a decent amount of blood, too! when it was all over, the bleeding stopped very quickly. i was super worried i'd left myself with something even weirder looking than before, so i just make sure i used some creams for cuts and kept the area very clean and did NOT look at it.

it's looking better each day, and i'm hoping that within 2 weeks (it's been almost 1) it'll be almost completely normal. the tag is gone, but the area where it was is tender and still a little swollen.


How big was the tag? I have one too and I've tried everything


I have an AST and have been this week to speak to a consultant, the risks sound awful and I'm considering trying the tagbands. How are you getting on now a week later? Has the tag gone and have you recovered?


Also curious as to how big the tag originally was? I have one there about the size of a small raisin

Scared to tagband

I just received my tagband in the mail and am trying to work up the courage to do it. How are you doing now?


Did it heal okay?


So I used the same method, and I started last night as well. Like a genius I decided to do 2 at once. As they are both equally as painful I discovered the size doesn't really matter. I took 2 twelve hour alive 30 mins prior. Day 1 7:30pm It stil hurt like hell for the first 3 + hours. I recommend strong pain killers if you can get them!

It is now day 2 I am up at 4am. Not bc of the tags, but now that I woke up they are kind of painful. After I write this I will try to go back to sleep...

Hoping I don't feel the need to cut mine off.

Dreading going to the bathroom I can tell you that for a fact, but it will be worth it in the end!


i would say it was raisin sized. i don't know why i remembered this and am responding so much later, but i did heal completely fine and everything is great now :)

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