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After trying multiple things nothing seemed to work for me. I tried acv, duct tape, Salicylic acid and even bought freezing kit they sell at Walmart. I was growing desperate since I'm very self conscience but I read some where some who crushed up zinc with water to make a paste and it worked great. I didn't have any zinc bit had tons of vitamin C so I gave this a try.

I crushed up some vitamin C and mixed in water to make a paste. I applied it on the warts and then covered it with a cotton and then placed a bandage over and would put my socks on. I kept this on all day and when I got home I removed the bandages and to my surprise the warts looked better. I've now been doing this for 2 days and I see so much improvement. Two warts already are gone. I can't believe how effective it was. I also take some vitamin C orally since warts are more susceptible with ppl who have weak immune system. If you have tried everything like me and nothing works I highly recommend you try this.

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