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So I have been on here many many of times! I have been attempting to remove my anal skin tag for over a year. After a failed attempt of the floss method which ended with an embarassing trip to the ER just to have the string cut off, not the actual tag (they wouldn't do it), I gave up for a few months... Accepting my fate that I would be stuck with a weird flap around my butt forever. It is about the size of a bean. That is until I did further research. I found a product called NEVI SKIN.

it said it could remove skin tags of any size off of any place on the body. Even sensitive places like the anus. It costs 40 dollars. I thought, why not. The reviews are good, it claims to use all natural ingredients. So I bought it. I used it today. Followed all the instructions to a T. it burnt like HELL. But only for a few moments. I left it on for 30 minutes, and then washed it off. My tag swelled 3 times the original size but swelling is said to be normal. It is also mostly black, there is some areas that didn't turn black on it so I will probably have to use the stuff again. It is starting to scan where it is black. I will update on what happens in the next few days or weeks when I see some results.

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Day 2. Did not scab up yet.. But now there is some white patches on the tag.. The swelling has gone down but it still is pretty sore around the tag. Oh not to mention it is oozing liquid.. Which is apperantly part of the healing process. I will wait a few days to see if it dries up a little then apply a second treatment to it once the skin is less irritated. I really hope this works and just doesn't make the damn thing worse! It looks horrible right now.. I won't even have sex with my bf in fear that he might catch a glimpse of the rotting tag! Black is a good sign, it just sucks I am going to have to treat it again because it is not fun. It only turned black around the edges, maybe it will peel off on its own? Who knows. I'm pretty sure it caused my hemorrhoid attached to the tag to be inflamed because it hurts pretty badly in the area. I'm going to leave it alone for a few days and just try to keep it clean. Praying for the best results


So it has been a little over a week since I have tried this NEVI SKIN. the after math of the product was horrible; bleeding, swelling, oozing, my hemorrhoid even came back. It did make the thing a little smaller, and I think I will need to do a few more applications to really make this stuff work. I bought tag band off of amazon as well, just in case this nevi skin does not do the job. I am going to apply more to it tonight. Will keep updated


Any more updates?

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