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I want to share my success story because I understand the desperation of wanting to get rid of anal skin tags! A couple of years ago I had quite a few surgically removed, by laser. The result was awesome. But OMFG the pain. At least six months of agony. To be fair, I think one of my stitches trapped a nerve, but the pain was dreadful for months. A few weeks ago I had a slight reoccurrence of the problem, just one small tag. No way was I going back to my surgeon!! Here is what I did:

Purchased one pair of tissue scissors and a tube of tattoo anaesthetic gel from eBay. Assembled supplies: above plus a packet of gauze and a bottle of iodine. Washed the area. Applied the gel and left it for about 45 minutes. Wiped off gel and swabbed with iodine. Steeped scissors in boiling water. Then scissors in hand I positioned myself, awkwardly, above a red towel (????????), grabbed the offensive beast with fingers on my left hand and aimed the scissors about where I thought they should be. Tried employing a mirror but gave up. Began to close scissor blades. No pain at all until about half way through the cut. Then a bearable amount of pain set in. I just said to myself: just keep going keep going. You've started so you will finish. Kept up the pressure on the scissors and then suddenly it was all over. The piece of flesh had separated from me. A little bit of blood which I staunched with iodine soaked swabs. Pain about 3/10.

Bled slightly for an hour or so then I didn't need gauze any more. Slight oozing for maybe 6 hours. Pain only on squeezing pelvic floor.

That was 36 hours ago. I am now blood free, pain free and tag free (I did an awesome job if I say so myself!). Still keeping the area clean and applying a bit of antiseptic cream but there is no sign of injury (I just had my husband check!).

Yes it took courage but I've experienced the pain of a professional job and I'll never do that again. Be brave, get the right tools and keep it clean. I'm so glad I did it

Worst pain score: 3/10 for about 12 seconds

Overall pain score: 1/10

Satisfaction with the job: 10/10

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How big was the tag?


About 1cm X 1/2 cm in width and 1 cm in length. I should add that it was not a full blown haemorrhoid, just the skin tag left by one. It was soft flesh mostly, though it did have a small hard part.


OP back 3 days later and I would never know I'd done anything. Absolutely no pain, swelling, bleeding, anything. Can wipe normally. Even on squeezing my pelvic floor, can't feel anything abnormal at all. Looks fantastic (well, as these things go!). Extremely delighted!


I have thought about doing it this way but was afraid of the aftermath - pain, infection, bigger growth etc.... reading your home remedy story has given me a better understanding that snipping it might work for me. Thanks!

Anna G

Can you share which numbing gel you bought? I am definitely going to do this. Thank you!

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