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I'm only 18 and I haven't been diagnosed with GH but the nearest doctors appointment I could make is in about a week and a half's time. I've done a lot of research and I'm 99\\% sure it's HSV2. I've read a lot on what's helped people and ive not had much luck! It's so painful to go toilet so I've only been going 2-3 times a day, and one of those is after my bath when I'm in the water. I've ordered Lysine tablets and ACV tablets as a lot have said it's helped and ive started drinking 100\\% pineapple juice. But I've not felt much of a change. If anyone could help me out in anyway I'd be so greatful. Thanks

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I just read that chopping raw garlic and letting it sit and I guess dry out for 10 min then swallow it with a big glass of water,room temperature is always better. About twice a day for maybe 4-5 days. Garlic is one of the best bacteria killing foods. (RAW) I used to take it every morning for years,and never felt better! Until I got a boyfriend who told me to, I will never listen to a boyfriend about my " stuff " down there ever again! He was selfish,but in reality I was the one that needed to be selfish,which leads me to be kind!

Always,your FrIEnD??????


Lysine made by Nature Made , 2000 mg a day , more when your having a breakout... keep your Lysine level higher than your Arginine level. Go to a list of foods with higher lysine levels than arginine, online learning about this works wonders..take advil or whatever pain pills works for you . Original listerine , dab on with a cotton ball, it will sting but dries out faster..I know it sounds funny but a dr told me this.I've also used vitamin E capsules, puncture it and put on infected area. 1 in 5 people have this so keep your head held high. It will take a couple days.. fyi stay away from nuts of all kinds, this is a nemesis, orange juice too, I've learned the hard way, also chocolate in moderation.


How did he just cure you? It's hard to believe I'm almost 19 and I found out I had herpes almost 2 years ago. I finally got my boyfriend I loved for 2years back and I would love to be cured I got bullied and moved away from where I wanted to be the most. I would do anything not to be the herpie girl anymore.


Use 1000mg of vitamin C daily after breakfast. Do not miss a morning intake.if you miss this 1000mg dose you wil hava a outbreak.

Buy vitamin C supliments

Good luck

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