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Larry B

Had a 5mm kidney stone in my ureter a week ago, cat scan confirmed. Given pain meds, flomax, naperson, and an abt. One week later still in agony. My wife found this website so we tried the equal parts of fresh lemon, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Mixed 1/3 cup each and drank it before dinner. At 10pm the pain stopped, woke up and had coffee with my wife at 3am. Have not had any pain since 24hours later from when I drank it! No surgery needed now! And pain free! Thanks to all of you posting and my wife.

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Thank you Larry! I just diagnosed with 5mm kidney stone in my ureter, should try this!


Hi I'm DoyElene and i was experiencing the same problem with the kidney stones and I didn't get any relief from the pain meds nor the heating pad and i called back up to the hospital, asking what I'm i suppose to do when you are peeing blood and pressure from the lower area,this individual she said oh you will be ok.this was worstcase ever!!!! But Google saved me i did the home remedy acv/ ov/lemon juice the shit""worked and a lot of praying for it to stop .


I have never had an issue with pain in my kidneys until now. This past week I ate a ton of chips and salty foods; something I never do. I woke up on the weekend very eary in horrible pain and after googling


This is my first time ever having kidney pain and a stone. I suffered for 2 days.

Finally, did lemon juice and ACV in desperation with 12oz water. It worked within an hour!! I have always believed in home remedies; since I am a science teacher and love experimenting.Also, I have had incidents with the shingles as a young woman and found full strenght Listerine clears them up in 24hours.


My husband has a 6mm stone been suffering for a week now. I saw this and he decided to try it last night. It was horrible tore his stomach up said it was posted to be mean. Didn't do a thing for him but make him sick.

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