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I was diagnosed with GH 2 years ago by my boyfriend, its one of the hardest things I've ever gone through and im having breakouts Almost every week and they seem to keep popping up in different places the only relief i get is using vagisil to help relieve pain and itching. I had my son a year after i was diagnosed, im 21 and no longer witn his dad.. Im want to know does it get better and if I meet someone else how do I tell them? Also how to I keep control of the breakouts?

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Hi i was diagnosed in January and ive been taking lysine everyday and have yet to get a breakout and as soon as i feel the possibility of a breakout i take 3 lysine pills everyday (1000 mg tablets) also try to only wear cotton underwear.... Good luck !


I'm 52 and had to tell the guy I had recently met. We had about 3 dates and I knew I had to tell him before we had sex. I just got up my nerve, told him my ex husband had gifted me with herpes, and that I hoped he would give me the opportunity to discuss it with him and what it might mean for our relationship. He said he wasn't that worried about it because "doesn't 50\% of the population have it or something like that?" :-). Not exactly, but we left it at that and are still together. Just tell the guy BEFORE you have sex, be honest, be prepared to answer questions. Good luck!


support groups. com please join us I wouldve have probably killed myself without that website. join herpes forum


I'm 39, male and besides dealing with Bipolar and having our beloved "H", I am otherwise healthy. I was diagnosed HSV2 AND HPV in 1999 when I was 22. As we do not share the same anatomy, my advice for treating breakouts is limited and likely you're already aware of. Keep areas of breakouts clean and dry to minimize 'virus shedding' which is how HSV spreads. Of course skin to skin contact is prolly the most common way to get HSV from another, but many people don't know that it can spread to other areas of your own body OR even to another if you take a long hot bath. Not difficult to deal with, just try to take showers during outbreaks rather than baths. If you must take a bath just be sure to clean the tub with disinfectant after you are through. Be certain to use towels only once and then wash them, particularly if you are experiencing an outbreak. NEVER forget to wash your hands with soap thoroughly, it's a good habit to have anyways, but definitely when dealing with outbreaks! Make use of your doctors, most will have good knowledge of how best to address your situation. Or, if you do not have insurance or a specific doctor there are clinics such as Planned Parenthood which are excellent resources for resolving std's and they specialize in women's health in general. Men too of course, but in my experience tuned more toward women and are very professional and courteous to patients.

When it comes to dating and intimacy, it is to your great advantage to educate yourself about our 'condition' and become very familiar with HSV for a couple reasons at least. First, in knowing and more importantly understanding HSV or any STD for that matter. This will inarguably help you in becoming more confident and comfortable in dealing with this all together. Second, when it comes time to have the 'talk' with a future lover, your knowledge and good understanding will make you far better able to communicate your situation to that person in a way that works for you AND them. It is never an easy thing to do, tell someone you like the you have 'herpes'. Honestly, it never is easy, but it does get easier as time goes too.. educating yourself gives you a great start. And Tash is correct as well, i would like to add too there are dating sites that on specifically for people who have STDs. One that proved worthwhile for me in the past is For the record, I have no affiliation with mpwh and I'm still a user there as well. Be cautious though as there are sites out there that appear to be similar but they are just out there to make money and do not specialize in medical conditions... just like non-STD dating sites that arent very good at connecting people.

That said, I also agree with Karen absolutely be honest. I was exposed to HSV because the woman I got it from was dishonest, having outright lied to me... knowing she had HSV AND HPV and told me otherwise prior to our becoming intimate. I was so angry when I was diagnosed, but hindsight what it is, being angry doesn't help at all. Since you have known for 2 years you likely are beyond that point, i guess I mention that for others who may read this thread. My point is, think about how you felt when you learned you had HSV... it's not something I would wish on anyone. I honestly thought to myself that I was 22 and my sex life was over. Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. And that is why I am commenting on this thread. No matter how difficult you think things will be, in the end, HSV is not going to kill you. Actually life doesn't change much at all. Just be honest... if and when you suspect a relationship might become sexual just tell the other person the truth, like Karen says, BEFORE you become physical. I my experiences, people are kinda startled at firest but if you are upfront, patient and request that they ask if they have questions about it... before the book for the door. Understanding our conditions will end the conditioning society has heaved upon us... it will end the stigma!!! Sure, some people might find H to be a deal breaker, but I have found that is not the case a great majority of the time. Besides, if someone is not willing to at least try to understand then i suggest that person is not someone worthy to be in your life.

I am not certain what the current statistics are, but several years ago I did read in a medical journal (and I am sorry that I am unable cite which journal as I did not make note of it and I have been unable to find it again now.) regardless... I read it and it stated that approximately 70\\% of my so called GenX (born '65-'79) had contracted HSV1, HSV2 or HPV or some combination thereof. Seven out of ten people??? Well that makes us the norm doesn't it?

Well... I hope this comment helps you! I wish you the best... and keep your head up... H is the coolest man, everyone's getting it!!! LULZ! :) Good luck and have a wonderful life!

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