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I was infected with this ugly spud of a wart/growth on the side of my nose for 7 years ... I tried everything from banana peel which would bring it down but months later it would just get larger... from Asprin to lemon juice to Bee Propolis to coloring it with a green crayon and of course the duct tape.

One night I became so frustrated, I read on one site that a potato might work, so I tried that for a week, just got bigger.... then someone said to take Zantac 500mg twice a day for two months,,, well I tried that for a couple weeks,,, (might work for you) BUT.... I broke out in hives.

The apple cider vinegar didn't work for me but ... I hear it works for most people.

Then I read about a lady who used Asprin - crushed with Lemon Juice combined.... well, I thought I would give it a shot....

BUT I had no fresh lemons on hand...

so I used the ReaLemon Juice ( I know -- its not Real lemon juice )

BUT !!! --- OMG --- It worked! -- it burned though... for at least 20 minutes each time-- brought me to tears!

All you do is cut a Asprin in 1/4's

On a teaspoon -- use just a 1/4 of the Asprin then add a few drops of ReaLemon juice -- until Asprin is soft -- drain excess juice.

Then place ALL of it on top of wart and cover with the end of a band-aid ( not the padding - I made sure none of the Asprin could fall out and I didn't want the padding to absorb any of the lemon juice ) (or... just use tape - but I found the adhesive of the band-aid worked better)

Every morning and before bedtime.

It ONLY took a week... It worked !

It's been a month... and it hasn't returned.

I am so grateful to that lady for suggesting the combination.


If nothing is working for you, try this ... I hope this helps!

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