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Cayenne pepper to stop menstrual cycle

I have horrible periods and they are heavy. I bleed so much that my doctor wants me to be hospitalized. I have to take iron everyday. I researched long and hard and finally found my cure. I have combined 3 remedies and they have worked amazing for me during my 7 day cycles. I take 3 cayenne pepper capsules every 6 hours and 2- 500mgvitamin C tablets every 8 hours and i drink rasberry zinger tea or red rasberry leaf tea 4 times a day or more. My period will disappear for the whole day if i take these on a schedule. Usually when im due to take this....i will start spotting. This has been a true life saver. I can actually function and i dont have to schedule my life around my heavy painful period. Make sure to contact your doctor before you try anything new. Use every home remedy with caution and always do your research..especially if you have a medical conditions.

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Hi. Thanks everybody for your posts. I am just now having this issue and I'm around 40. Not sure if age has anything to do with it, or if it's just lack or iron, vit C, etc... Should I be taking these all month or should I begin right before that time? If so, how long before? Thank you.

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