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I've been on this site many times with the hopes of finding an at home remedy because I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor. After about a year and a half of dealing with warts that covered the bottom half of my vagina, I finally found something that worked for me. I've tried acv, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, Compound W(gel), and iodine tincture non of which worked and most burned like hell. After doing some research, I stumbled upon a site where this guy said that he used computer duster to freeze the warts. So while on a trip to walmart I picked up a can. The brand name is Ultra duster. The way I did it was that I turned the can upside down and then pressed the trigger releasing liquid instead of air into a small cap. The can will warn against it saying that if you do that it may cause frostbite, but that's the whole point. It works like the liquid Compound W but it's slightly stronger. Once I got the liquid, i used a q-tip and dipped it in it and held it to the small warts for about 2 seconds. Larger warts, I held it there for 5 seconds. I did this twice in the first week and once a week thereafter. Mine are now about 95\\% gone. It took me about a month to get the results I got and I'm assuming that had something to do with the fact that I had so many. Now when you do it, the wart is going to turn white at first but will regain normal color right after you lift the q-tip. You will feel slight pain during contact and a bit of discomfort afterwards but nothing like how it is when using the acv. Make sure to do it in a ventilated room so that you don't breathe in the vapors and just wash your hands afterwards. I told myself that as soon as I found something that works, I would come back to this site and share. I know how depressing it can be to deal with this and really hope that this helps someone that is suffering. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them and good luck to you all!

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If it also helps. Take a look at this website as well for additional information that might help. It'll at least tell you all the information you need on what HPV is, how to care for yourself physically and mentally, and much more. Definetly needs to be a read for anyone trying a home remedy.


Forgot the link.


Just a quick update... The warts are completely gone with no signs of reappearance so far. Everything looks back to normal down there.

A boy from Washington

I'm trying the computer duster remedy I hope this works this is my first day. I'll leave a comment in a week to see if I see any changes. Seems legit though


I started freezing them and the 2 small ones are gone!. They were off within a couple of days after on application. A slightly bigger one took more effort a couple of treatments but it is also gone. 2 week time period. This didnt turn black and fall off just became flatter and flatter. I still feel a bump under the skin so I froze the area yesterday hoping if it's a wart under the skin it will kill it. I have one large one and I have been quite aggressive with applications almost every night. I took a break over the weekend..and started freezing again. It's still getting flatter and losing size but hasn't turned black and fallen off. Do all of them need to do that though turn color and fall? Im glad I found this post. I do not have the patience for acv and other topical methods. I can't wait to feel normal again.


I have used air duster as well. It workseems really well on smaller warts. Bigger one take a lot of applications and can cause a lot of irritation if you have a large group of big ones and try to remove them all.


Here is my story about my GW,I had more than 10 warts on my penis,mostly near the head and at the base,so I removed all the warts in just one day,it was very painful but it was worthy,so let me share my successful cure procedure with you...1)use white vinegar on cotton swab,you need to put the vinegar on the swab then 2) brush softly on the wart,you will notice that the wart will start to "melt"until you will see the red skin then stop 3) apply virgin coconut oil on the "wounds" until healed...4)always moisturize your penile skin with coconut oil,the Lauric acid(antiviral)penetrate the skin and destroys the virus,stopping future reoccurrence!! Try it,it worked for me and my partner,it will work for you too!!

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