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Trust me this works for mosaic warts. I had a patch of about 25 the size of a 50 Cent piece on the ball of my right foot. I ordered Salicyclic acid pads from my local CVS pharmacist. I cut a piece of the pad the same size as the patch of warts (50 cent piece). These pads have a sticky side and I stuck the sticky side to the bottom of my foot and taped it with duct tape. I changed the pad every 2 to 3 days. In about a week I could see that the bottom of my foot where the spot was was completely white and skin was lifting away from my foot. I pulled on the skin and a huge patch of skin peeled off. This did not hurt at all. The amount of skin that pulled off was quite thick and I could see all of the wart roots sticking up from the bottom of my foot exposed . I then started soaking my foot in straight apple cider vinegar for about 1 to 2 hours each night while watching a movie. In about another week I could see that the roots were dying. I probably soaked my feet for about 10 days straight and then stopped because I could see that the roots were black and dead. I used Apple cider vinegar with the mother. The warts never returned.

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