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Hi There! So I’m here to share my experience with you all and hopefully this information will help you with your genital wart (GW) experience.

I am going to put the quick bullet points up here for people who do not want to read my detailed experience below:

- Apple Cider Vinegar: Helped reduce size but did not remove, and burned like heck.

- Coconut Oil: Made the warts grow

- Doctor Treatment: Worked like a charm

- Tea Tree Oil: Worked like a charm

- Stopped Wearing Underwear: Feels amazing, no negatives

- Switched to breezy, natural fabric pants: Feels amazing, no negatives

Other TIPS:

- Reduce stress, eat well, limit alcohol, take vitamins to help your body

- Do not smoke tobacco

- Do not shave, wax

- Do not touch them

- Maintain good hygiene

Here is the full story (It has been a 5-6 month experience):

As a quick background, I am a 29yr old female, have only had 2 partners in the past 8 yrs. Do not smoke tobacco, eat healthy, am active / not overweight, drink 1-2 alcoholic drinks (beer or wine) per day on average, and I smoke weed on a regular daily basis.

October 2015. First GW appeared on my left upper inner thigh. I thought it was a zit or an ingrown. No clue it was a wart. I believe stress was a major factor in its appearance. I had just moved 500 miles to a new city, new place, new life. And when I’m stressed, I eat more junk and drink more.

December 2015. Dang thing is still there, I’m starting to realize it’s not a zit or ingrown. It’s too late though, because I had been touching it, it became irritated and popped. I normally shaving down there. Shaving (as I was told by my doctor later) causes little tiny cuts in the skin. So, when it popped, the virus spread into the tiny shaving cuts, and three more GWs grew in the general region, on the crotch/leg crease, on the inner butt cheek and on the skin by the left vaginal lip (but not on the lip, thankfully). They were much smaller than the one that had been growing for months. They felt like very hard tiny bumps, unlike a zit or ingrown that is softer, but similar in size. They itched sometimes, but rarely, and other than that didn’t really cause any pain.

At this point, I realized I have warts. The realization is a shitty one. For anyone that is reading this that is in that stage right now, just take a deep breath. You are not alone, and it’s the most common STI in the world. You will totally get through this. It’s important to deal with it because not dealing with it right away will only make the problem worse.

Then I come across *this* website while researching home remedies. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar remedy. I soaked Q-tips in ACV and then applied it to the GWs for about 15 min intervals before taking a break, letting them breathe. (Side note: I also stopped wearing underwear completely during this experience, and haven’t looked back since. I switched to loose clothing made with organic natural fibers and man it feels so amazing I will never go back to wearing underwear ever. Highly recommend trying.)

ACV definitely seemed to help reduce them in size but it burned so freaking bad and wasn’t getting rid of the big one that needed to go. So…

End of December, I go to see the doctor. They put the liquid stuff on to burn them off. But they only put it on 2 of the 4, because the doctor didn’t think the other 2 were actually warts. (insert eye roll here). She says she wants to see me again in a few weeks.

The liquid stuff really worked like a charm. The big one died and peeled off and the other tiny one they treated came off too, all within a couple days.

I was so happy. Went back for a checkup and the doc said everything looks good, and says again she doesn’t think those other two are warts so I go about my life.

For about 4-6 weeks, I don’t think about them. Then I notice the one that is still there that I can see easily (in the leg/crotch crease) is not going away, and itching every now and then, so I decide to just rub a little coconut oil on it and hope it will go away. *This did not work.* In fact, because I was putting the oil on frequently and leaving it on / not wiping it away, the wart stayed moist, and as a result, it started to grow.

***TIP: Keep the warts DRY. Moisture = Bad.

Now it’s March. This one on my crotch-crease is a significant size, and I’m annoyed and grossed out and don’t want to spend the money on going to the doctor again.

I decide, after much online research, to try tea tree oil as a home remedy. I did not have anything on hand, so I went to the store, and found an all-natural product with tea tree oil in it. *I am not being paid to endorse and do not have any relationship with this company or product whatsoever – I really just want to share what worked for me* It’s called Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. It costs $8 which is much better than the $200+ doc visit.

It works! It only took 5 days to get this thing GONE.

I started applying the tea tree oil on Monday. I did a few too many applications on the first/second day because I got excited it was working. The thing popped and pus started coming out of it.

I totally freaked out because I thought more would grow now, but none did because I haven’t been shaving and don’t have any cuts down around there. When it popped, I dabbed ACV on it just to make sure the virus didn’t spread anywhere.

After that, I cut down and only applied the tea tree oil blend stuff on it about 2-3 times per day max.

I would apply coconut oil to the healthy skin around to moisturize and wipe the excess off. Every day you could see the wart getting flatter and disappearing, and the layers of skin were slowly shedding until it was all flat and healthy. Totally amazing stuff.

So final tip - Tea tree oil 2-3 times per day until it shrinks away!

I am so freaking happy they are gone. My doctor said, the body usually is able to suppress / rid itself of the GW virus within 12-18 months naturally, so it’s most likely not something I will have to deal with forever. She said if you smoke tobacco it takes twice as long.

That’s it, this is wayyyy too long and detailed but maybe some people will read it all and get more insight into the dreaded genital warts and what may work and not work for you --- best of luck getting rid of them.

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Could you tell me wether you stopped smoking or not.


Hi!!! I wanted to say that I tried the Burt bees tea tree oil too and IT WORKED!!!!!!'

MAJOR THANKS TO YOU because I was desperately trying to find different methods but to no avail.

Like you said, I tried it for 5 days and after day 5... it was gone. BUT just to make sure it wouldn't come back, I did apply for a few more days afterwards until I was sure there were no more.

It's been 3 months and I never got them back!! THANKS AGAIN! And hope this comment brings those desperate ppl (like I once was) some relief!


hello friends, i have low immune system as i had kidney transplant and im immunosuppressed. i got warts from my husband just after the first relation. actually all of my genital parts and anal got warts and i was unhappy, but i realised apple vinegar works . so i used it with a cotton ever night and every morning. i slept with the cotton. most warts has gone but it had alot of pain and damaged my skin. i had hard time so i stopped using while many of warts had gone. but for others i have to use it again however iam looking for a remedy with less pain does tea tree oil make pain?

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