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I have a question that I hope can be answered! Has anyone experienced their warts to be small red bumps? They are actually not hard to look at and could be mistaken for a rash. They are not sore nor itchy. I see many people commenting on how they take more a cauliflower shape. I want to try ACV but I'm not sure if it would work with the type of "warts" I may have. I'm living outside of the country and feel uncomfortable seeing a doctor. I'm assuming that it is genital warts as they have not disappeared in over 6 months! Any suggestions?

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Thank God i am healed because of ACV and TEA TREE OIL alternate non stop after washroom you need to clean and apply this ACV with a cotton balls or a clean gause night time TEATREE OILuntil am. Now warts are totally gone just be patient and do the papsmear. Use the VAGISIL after and apply ACV and TTO.


Yea. Thats how they looked on me. They didn't take a cauliflower appearance. They more or less kind of looked like big, red, hard pimples on my genitals. Was pretty embarassing.

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