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I suffer from asthma and I get a lot of viral infections when I get a cough especially at night I make my self a cup of tea made with dry thyme leaves. The brand that works best for me is Badia. I put a cup of water with 4 tablespoons of dry Thyme leafs and then I let it boil for a minute. Next I strain out the water from the leafs. The taste might be to spicy but if you put some honey it really makes it easier to drink. For my kids I add a little of milk and honey. It takes about 30 minutes to work and it depends how bad is your cough you might want to repeat it. This has really helped me and my kids get a goodnight sleep. In addition if the kids wake up in the middle of the night coughing and they don't want to drink the tea you can always use a medicine syringe to help them take it. I hope it works for you.

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