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I had a molar tooth that had a unknown cracked root, Not sure how it was cracked or when but went untreated for several years. I went to a number of dentists and had and xray fitting for a night guard and told I had TMJ as the pain from the my jaw, ear, and down into my shoulder. I would get terrible one side headaches almost daily to the point I was throwing up. After several dentist I gave up and told myself I have to just deal with it. About 2 years pasted. This winter I woke up to my face became numb on one side and I lost most of my hearing in one ear, and my shoulder felt like it was on fire. My head felt like I was hit by a mac truck. I put my hand on my face and realized it was all swollen. My husband took one look at me and said we are going to the emergency room - I said no its going to cost us a fortune. So I called my doctor / not dentist and he was able to see me right away. He took one look at me and told me I had a pretty bad infection but didnt see any teeth that were showing any signs of infection. He gave me a pretty high dose of antibiotics, and a shot, and some pain meds and told me to make an appointment with my dentist. The next day I went to the dentist and had more x rays done. Nothing showed up on the xray. The dentist put her figures in my mouth and started feeling around my gums and said wow you have a broken root back there and that tooth needs to come out. We waited a week because she said that with all the swelling the numbing stuff they use wont numb it and I would most likely feel all the pain. So we waited a week for the antibiotics to kick in. Of course I was sharing my story on facebook to all my friends. After I had my tooth pulled and I took my final antibiotic two days later my husband came home with the flu, well I got it and my extraction site because all swollen and infected. Again reaching out to vent on facebook. After several weeks of another round of antibiotics and sever pain in my jaw, ear, and shoulder, with a headache right behind my eye. Finally some relief. All done with the antibiotics - yeah for me. My extraction site is now all healed up and just took my last antibiotics, pain in my jaw is gone, my shoulder pain is almost gone, and I'm feeling the best I have felt in years - YEARS. Well thats not where this story ends. About 2 weeks later the pain started to come back - really yes really. Can I get a break please... Went back to the dentist and after a few tests they told me I had an infection in the bone since I waited so long to get it taken care of. Again I went on facebook and vented. About another round of antibiotics. Sigh. A close friend of a close friend reached out to my and told me about Theives and Clove essential oils how applying them to the infected area in my mouth would help. At this point I was willing to try anything as I didnt want them to do the surgery to remove part of the infected bone. So I purchased the Young living starter kit which includes Theives. Being 200\\% skeptical as I knew nothing about essential oils. The day I got my kit I applied just a dab to the inside of my mouth right next to my infected bone. Wow what a kick that was - but it works I can deal with that kick. I applied a dab almost every hour for two days (except of course while I was sleeping I didnt). Within 24 hours I started to notice a difference. No way still skeptical, but kept using it. After the first two days of once an hour I went to every other hour, for 2 days and then so on until I got to one time a day. During this time I visited the dentist twice for a follow up to see if surgery was in my forecast. She couldnt believe how fast the bone was healing. I tried to tell her about the oils but she hushed me said that what ever I was doing to keep it up as it was working, and that she couldnt hear about any home remedies. Now that its been about 5 months I can healthy say I am 100\\% healthier - the only thing wrong with me is I'm missing a tooth. My pain in my shoulder is gone (yes thank you), my ear pain is gone (another thank you) and havent had an eye headache for several months (Another BIG thank you). I'm now a big believer in essential oils and thought I would share my story. What brand oils do I use. Nothing other then the best Young Living Oils as they are 100\\% pure with no added chemicals and have a seed to seal. Meaning they grow their own plants with no chemicals from seeds. So they are 100\\% organic chemical free 100\\% essential oils. If your interested in getting these benefits click on the following link and sign up for a Premium Starter Kit Retail Value $315.00 for a low cost of $160.00 which includes:

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Does the clove oil come in that packet or is it already in the thieves? Desperate!!


What the fck I'm in pain asshat....i don't wanna read a damn book


That's so fake,you just trying to make money with your oils? Very sick, people's are suffering & you trying to sell.


Oils do work, but MLMs are a scam and low quality. A blogger who swore by Young Living had them tested (sent a sealed bottke to a lab) and they came back as impure. Plus they dont train the sellers in safety. Be very careful using oils orally or internally. I use tea tree and lavender to rinse, clove topically for pain. If you want to try thieves, search the recipe and make your own. Just make sure its 100\\% pure and i only use organic.. as to them being safe because they grown their own, thats a joke. I could grown my own herbs and still use chemicals.

Trustworthy comoanies ate mountain rose herbs, plant therapy, and edens garden

An actual skeptic

Thieves is right! The people selling these bs "remedies" are thieves. This was clearly a fictional story purely for the sake of advertisement. If you were 200\\% skeptical you would have done rudimentary research on these claims and realized straight away that there is no demonstrable evidence to support them.

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