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Any ideas on how to avoid staining your underwear with all the oils, creams, garlic and gels while trying to get rid of Hemm's?

I have tried saran wrap, wax paper and none stay in place.

Please advise.

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I place the center of a gauze on the infected area.


To avoid staining, fold about 2 feet of toilet paper a few times until it is only 8 inch long. Then while standing up but slightly bend place this toilet paper between your buttocks so that they hold the toilet paper. Next wear your underwear and the toilet paper will stay in the correct position preventing staining.


Best is to use pantie liners for stain free underwear and it wont even move from its place while you walk , jump etc.


I place a paper towel square in my underwear. It's big enough so it don't move around much, and you won't feel it when you sit down

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