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There used to be a fantastic product called PAV by NATR (NATIVE AMERICAN TREE RESIN)- my Mom had terrible mushroom like fungus on all her toes. She was 90+ and used to sleep with socks & shoes on to be ready. This stuff totally cured it - It was a pine resin - pure pitch that I would paint on with a toothpick. The aides & doctors couldn't believe the results. The owner died, but I would love to find this again as now I have a light case of fungus. I've been experimenting with ponderosa pine sap & grain alcohol (tincture) that has produced good results, but not as good as the product mentioned. I would love to hear if anyone knows of this PAV ointment, or knows the formula to make it.

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The stuff I have, bought years ago, but still have some left, is part pine resin, part vaseline, and olive oil. It was only about $10 then for a jar of it, looks like it's $46 now on Amazon, but great stuff. My dermatologist gave me expensive prescriptions for years to stop an annoying fungus (seborrhea -- same as causes dandruff) in my ears, to no effect. I finally decided to try the PAV, since it seems to kill anything, and it cleared it up the scaling in a month or two.

tarot mal

It is Pine Sap or Pine Resin also used on horses hooves.

Zoe Davis

Thanks for the great article.

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Thanks again!

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