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I had what appeared to be anal warts. I have no idea where they came from as I have never experienced it. I was so worried and very embarrassed to sick for medical treatment. Therefore I google home remedies for anal warts. I was amazed at people's stories and embarrassment. I realized I wasn't alone and nothing to be shy from. I read the recommendations offered and opted to use that of tea tree oil. I got it from a local health shop. It gave me a sharp burning sensation at the anal canal anytime I applied it. It took me three weeks of intensive application, day and night. At a point in time I almost gave up with the treatment as I saw no improvement. One morning, I went to the shower for my usual inspection and to my surprise everything had disappeared and my skin was back to normal. I became so excited and thanked God for the recommendation. I just want to share my experience to encourage anyone in similar condition that with appropriate treatment and patience you can successfully treat anal wart at home if the condition is not critical and treatment starts early. Tea tree oil did the magic to me. Thanks to all for your usual tips. I pray I never go near that experience again.

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How long and and how did you apply it?

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