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- Listerine Original (yellow colored)

- Clobetasol Propionate foam

- Nizoral

- Spray bottle

I have scalp P going on 10 years now so it was really frustrating. Thank God for my thick hair, I was able to hide it from the public but not from my barber. So been searching for something to control it (really can't get rid of P)then bumped into this website. 1st, I tried the psoriasin ointment, it controlled the itching but the P not so much and my scalp was always reddish. Then I moved on to glycerin and aloe regimen, it took at least a week to see the results but very promising. Still, I am looking for something with a faster result so time to try the listerine solution. While browsing for a cure, I also bumped into the clobetasol foam and nizoral solution from a different website so I kept that in mind. While at work, what the heck, I figured why not combine all 3 and see what happens. I asked my derma to prescribe me clobetasol and got it from walgreens. So day 1, just came from work. Rinsed my scalp with water, pat it dry then sprayed listerine on the scalp, let it sit for 8 minutes then washed it off with nizoral shampoo. Ate dinner and let my hair dry out. After dinner, applied clobetasol generously. Went to bed and woke up 40\\% of my scalp P gone. I have a large grin on my face. So day 2, applied listerine again, took a shower, dry hair, applied clobetasol then went to work. Got home and started the nightly routine. Day 3, woke up and 95\\% clear. I was so freaking happy. Incredible results. Now I am on day 6 and just applying listerine in the morning to keep my scalp P at bay. I hope this solution helps out. Thanks

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