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Joshua David Siron

I have gone through so many different suggestions on here and none of them worked. In all honesty, most of them made it worse, but in my appreciation for the efforts put forth here, I wanted to leave a remedy that is working wonders for me right now. I have a frontal tooth that has a crack behind it. You can't see the crack in the tooth but I can feel it all the way up to the gum line. I have been in so much pain, I wasn't able to work or sleep. All I could think about was how much it hurt. The nerve is exposed and it's been causing me absolute agony throughout the entire right side of my face. The kind of pain that can make start shaking and sweating. SMH. A horrible experience, no less... Right now I'm not in any pain though. Thank you G-d for answering my prayers lol. Truly. Anyway, I bought a bottle of generic Advil gel tabs, and a bottle of generic extra strength Tylenol and then for a topical solution to the problem, I also bought a tube of generic sensodyne toothpaste. After my around thirteen dollar purchase I took two advil, three tylenol and brushed my teeth lightly and now, after less than an hour, all the pain is gone! I can hardly believe that it took all the pain away just considering the mere scale of agony I was going through. So try this and I'm confident you will find the much needed relief your searching for. I hope you all have a blessed day.

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You took it all at once?

Joshua David Siron

Yes. Advil and Tylenol are very different, so it shouldn't cause you any stomach pain, but if your concerned that it may be too much, then aim more toward the generic or brand name advil gel tabs for relief. Tylenol is mostly just an anti inflammatory from what I understand and does little to nothing for the pain of an exposed nerve, but the gel tabs were basically working little miracles in my life lol. Seriously, night and day difference. Also,the toothpaste only furthered that relief for me personally, but if your on a tight budget then... I'm telling you... Advil Gel Tabs are the best over all solution I've been able to find past going to the hospital. Hope this helps!


Good, but Not so good for those with kidney problems.


Advil cold and sinus has been helping me. I am taking two every 4 hours. I also do the salt water rinse but that is because I had the tooth behind this one pulled last week. I am thinking the wrong one was pulled. ????


im 4 years into this broken tootht and exposed nerve and alot of times after all day of drinking and eating i feel like the sugar starts to set in and cause extreme pain so with flouride free tooth paste coconut oil i brush and try to go different angles into my gum line and then dentex (like oragel) but liquid i rub all along gum line and teeth and then listerene i sit as long as possible and i take 3 naproxen aleve anti inflammitory and in about 30 minutes it subsides

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