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More so a question.... I see a lot of you have tried this acv treatment and I also see everybody is dealing with these on the outside of their body. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and did the 4 cycles of the podofilox. The warts are near my urethra and a little further inside my vagina. What kind of treatment can I do. I feel like the acv is for external use. I'm at a loss and don't know what to do anymore

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For inside the vagina, listen to your doctor as far as what to do. Usually they clear up on their own even if you don't treat them with anything. Just take this time to focus on your health and boosting your immune system. Don't smoke tobacco, limit alcohol, make sure you're getting all your vitamins especially vitamins a, c and e, and magnesium. Eat healthy food drink lots of water and don't stress out about GW. You'll be fine!


I have same condition to you its just on lips opening please if everyone has same on us please help. I have also on the lips opening in the urethra anyone try to treat that part we need help thank u please add me on fb Ell Mhalditah


I have the same problems as you girls. I also have inside and outside now. So I see some solution from the outside but no Idea about the inside one... I'm desperate.


I've read acv on a tampon and insert it..

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