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This is the worse ob ever...I've had this for over 20 years 1st one wasn't that bad..I haven't had an ob for over 15 years..for the past 2 years I've been getting one here and there treating them with Abreva and proylsis oil. They blisters would never burst or turn into sores...but this time there are like 7 all on the opening of my vagina..this hurts like hell...I'm taking acv teas tea tree oil lots of vitamins. I'm even eating all veggies with garlic..why are they coming so vicious now?

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I was told it could be hormonal. Mine haven't gotten more frequent as time goes on. I am older, heavier and less fit I could certainly do better. Plus, I have a lot more stress, especially with the kids.


You should really make an appointment with your family doctor or a medical doctor of some sort. I had it 20 years and only had like 7 or 8 ob the 1st 18 years then for about 2 year I was having them monthly it seemed. I went to the Dr and was diagnosed with RA.

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