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Cliradex! It's expensive but so worth it. I finally conquered my blepharitis with the following routine:

Every morning I use soft pads with a drop of J and J, soaked in cold water, swipe over eyelids,then soak again in cold water. Compress. Then I put in REFRESH tears. After, I daub a bit of raw honey on each lower and upper lid. At night, I use the Cliradex, swab over each lower lid, upper and eyebrow. Allow to dry then I use Lamosil nipple ointment (find on Amazon, totally pure) before bed. Not only is my blepharitis gone, I look younger than ever! Thank God. This really worked for me, it took months of trial and error, I really hope it helps someone else because I know how desperate I became. Good luck, God bless!

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what do you mean J&J? what is that?


I am curious what J and J is, too.


i think it's referring to johnson and johnson baby shampoo


What is J and J


I read a charcoal shampoo works great. There are a few brands available. Makes sense since charcoal is a purifier.


Cliradex is great it's tea tre oil base


Are you bothered with blepharitis in BOTH eyes? Only my right eye is affected and the only way I can function during the day is to wear contacts to protect my eye from the red bottom lid. Do the rest of you wear contacts?


I don't find this believable. Sounds like a sales pitch for Cliradex or REFRESH or Lamosil (BUy it on Aazon!). Vague. "Fast talking". Upbeat; try it now, Look Younger than ever(:0)

HA! Bogus

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