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If you have a open tooth and the nerve is exposed. Take a raw candle and put a peace in a spoon. Slowly melt it so it does not burn. Once it starts to get hard again ball it up (while still soft and warm) insert it into the open tooth. Usually last a few days to a week depending on if it's a chewing tooth. Also to help more crush up some clove (into a powder) and mix with melted wax.

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Neem toothpaste works well.

Clove oil is awesome for tooth pain.

Google free dental day.

Gargle with warm salt water.

Get a good electric tooth brush.

Avoid soft drinks & junk food.

Brush & floss daily.


Is superglue good to use...

If you have a tooth with a nerve


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p.s. what are home antibiotics you can,use

For an * exposed nerve in teeth

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