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I have been reading all your comments on here before I decided to try the floss method, mainly on impulse. It was a really painful experience for prolly a good 3-4 days BUT it was worth it in the end cause i managed to get rid of it!! I had a pretty big anal skin tag which covered my butthole and I've had it for like 4 years already but decided it has to go!! So one day, I decided to buy dental floss, an antiseptic cream (germolene) and tea tree oil to try and get rid of the tag myself. It's defo the craziest thing I have done in my life but I was willing to give it a shot. and like some of you, I didnt want to undergo surgery, have some doctors look up my ass and I think its too expensive a procedure for me, with no guarantee it wont hurt. Well, this experiment did hurt too, it was painful but i thought the pain was mainly cause my skin tag was right at the opening of my butthole and there are a lot of nerves there apparently so it was really sensitive. DAY 1: I tied a double knot with the floss as close to the base as possible. I did this twice (i.e. tied two strings of floss on). the first night it didnt really hurt, i could feel it was tight, there was a little discomfort but not really painful. DAY 2: it started to swell but still not as painful. the tag was sensitive to touch. and i had to be careful as to how i sat because my tag was big and sitting on it is really painful. DAY 3: I tied another round of floss around it as tight as i could. This time i could feel a sting. however, the pain was still bearable. DAY 4: pain was really excruciating. i couldnt sleep well maybe a few hours of sleep and I will wake up feeling the pain and soreness of my butthole but washing by butt often helped. using the antiseptic cream and tea tree oil also helped. but the pain was bad in that i have to be really careful as to how i sit and lie down cause its painful. walking was also painful. i could feel it starting to weep pus and blood and i had to regularly clean the area with the cream and tea tree oil. DAY 5 and 6 was the same. The pain was terrible but i think bearable, mainly i was determined to get rid of it and i couldnt afford the time or money to go see a doctor. I told myself, this will work out. Day 7. half the tag was whitish/grayish and dry. i think the tea tree oil applied everyday helped in the drying process. the pain has started to subside also. my butthole didnt feel as sore. Day 8-12. there wasnt really any pain anymore. the sore was almost entirely gone and i could feel the base where the floss is was a bit 'loose" but the tag is still hanging. by this time, about half the tag was black while the rest was grey/white. i couldnt feel the tag when i touched it, best way to know is to pinch the tag but be careful, the black part is like rotting skin/flesh so it does bleed but painless bleeding. tugging it lightly, i could feel a slight sensation at the base. However, it was obvious that this skin tag isnt about to drop out by itself although it was already rotting and I was getting a bit impatient and disguested by the fact that i have this period-smelling rotting tag on me. The next craziest thing i did was to purchase a very sharp cuticle scissors and on the 12th day, decided to snip it off. the first time i cut a really tiny part i could feel sth but it wasnt really painful at all i just could feel that i cut it and i was scared to be honest so i took some time before i decided to make it a fast one. when i finally got to quickly snipping the base off, to my surprise, i couldnt even feel anything. there was a bit of bleeding but the bleeding stopped like within a minute or less. there wasnt an open wound exactly because when i washed the wound, i didnt feel any stinging pain or any pain at all. i cant believe i actually did all of this but it was worth it. I almost chickened out and was planning to see a doctor already but thankfully i was busy with school and i decided to just wait it out a few more days.

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