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Cold water! Hold it in your mouth in the area of pain. It will usually work. find a health care professional to get the rotten or broken tooth extracted! Pain is no life!P.S. Once you start with the water you will need to keep using it until the the problem is taken care of.I have had many bad teeth, this always works.

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That has worked for me, especially in those teeth you chew the most with. In the other hand, I tried that on one towards the front and nearly evacuated my bladder, and it kept building until my ears rang. I think it may be easier to overwhelm your nerve/s exposed on teeth that have been desensitized through use. Or maybe another matter entirely, but just like orajel can hurt you sometimes, temperature extremes can too.


The water really worked for me". Thanks


The water works. But you have to use it so frequently and those times when you can't swish in time feel like pure hell. One time I used water at 98.6 to try and get the nerve back to normal temperature, it hurt so bad I can't even describe to pain but after about 30 seconds the pain was completely gone for hours.

This was after morphine, IB800, 2000mg of tylenol, etc. And nothing touched the pain


Hi my mum has got very severe pain in her tooth the dentist said that she's got a dead nerve in her tooth since it was an emergency the dentist drilled her tooth and injected it to make it numb however 2 hours later she's in the same pain as she was before she said it feels like sharp pain and cramps in her tooth. the tooth is getting extracted in 3 days but she can't wait that long any advice to make her feel better like home remedies? Thank you


I agree ice water Is the only thing that stops this horrible pain for me.

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