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Use this device: Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System, Variable Pressure, 78" x 36".

I saw this sold on amazon by someone who recommended it, and it works extremely well!

From my experience, this air pad device is a life saver to those patients who can not move around or have any strength at all to be moved around to use a boppy "breast feeding"pillow as a seat cushion or the like.

My grandmother's strength has diminished more than ever now. She is more weak than ever before and is unable to do anything else other than be rotated in bed.

When I used this air pad device I doubled it up to form even more cushion under my grandmother's butt. I keep down all the way on the softest setting to ensure the most comfort especially seeing how I doubled it over. It works especially well using it this way.

When the air pad is doubled up I just use a couple synthetic sheep skins for her ankles and also one or two under her upper body to keep her comfortable.

I also treat and clean her wound area once a day on average now due to her lack of mobility. If her wound is really bad I would do two times a day.

From my experience, it is very important to at the very least clean the patient once a day and to patch the patient all over the problem areas with medical paper tape and gauze pads to act as extra cushion and protection to prevent bedsores from ever even starting in the first place.

Remember, even with using this device to keep rotating the patient at the very least once a day. I do it about once a day, and it is sufficient keeping bedsores from occurring. Remember, when rotating the patient rotate pressure on opposite butt cheeks to ensure a different distribution of pressure. You can keep the patient either gradually or majority sloped on either butt cheek; do that at least once a day. You can also keep the patient completely on their side or on their stomach too if the patient is willing to stand it.

Remember, bedsores can develop even on the patient's side of the body, so do not take for granted that it just happens in the buttocks. Keep in mind that bruises will eventually turn into bedsores. This is why rotating the patient is so vital, and that is what this pad helps in effect to do by shifting weight around; however, despite the great help of the pad you still need to manually rotate the patient across the bed as necessary.

I found when moving the patient across the bed that it is easiest by first moving the shoulders and upper body towards where you want to go, then grabbing both sides of the air pad and picking it up a bit and placing it following the body of which you just placed. Do the same for the legs.

From my experience, it is not necessary to take the patient off the air pad other than rarities. Just make sure you keep the patient dry as possible underneath them by using pee pads and towels as necessary.

I would also recommend making sure you wipe the air pad down to ensure it stays dry and clean. I also never got a hole in the air pad, but I thought if I did maybe flex seal rubber spray could repair it to keep in mind.

I use now about 6 4x4 gauze pads unfolded to protect her butt area in about three quadrant areas of her butt. It soaks up any dampness too which is good.

You can also use some big pillows to sit the patient up for more comfort and humanity as necessary.

One last thing about rotation. You can lay sit the patient in the neutral position directly on the butt, but just remember that this position will develop bed sores quicker. If bedsores develop try less hours like 12 hrs or 8 hrs in this neutral position. Though, one good thing about sitting the patient in the neutral position is that it takes pressure off the outer butt areas which allows them to heal in the rotation of things.

Hope this helps you, all the best!

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Here is a couple extra side notes:

For getting the patient on the air pad and also for cleaning / treatment: just half roll the patient while folding this pad a decent amount butting up against the patient's back in order to get this air pad under them. Then, half roll the patient towards you again. The patient should now be on the mattress and help the air pad out a good bit from under the patient.

While cleaning/ moving the patient, I would recommend shutting off the air pump device and to pull the air inflation tubes out from the air mattress to deflate the air bubbles to make it easier to treat/clean the patient as necessary and for easier mobility. That is my preference, but you could leave the air pad partially inflated or inflated if that's your preference.

Try not to pull too much on the air pad in which would obviously rip it. Just half roll the patient over to clean or treat the patient.

Another tip for moving / rotating the patient: scoop your arms and hands under the air pad and pick up the patient slightly enough to slide the patient a bit over also works good. Another good idea if you would like is to use one synthetic sheep skin under the patient on top of the air pad; this would add some extra cushion so that you could use less gauze pads. I would use only one synthetic sheep skin if you do this to make sure you still allow the air pad to do the job with its movement. Using too many cushions would negate the job of the air pad device.

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