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You're all crazy my remedy is get insurance and go to the damn doctor. It's professionally done and you're not risking dying from lost of blood. There's no pain.

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I have insurance and still the surgeon wouldn't remove it. Even second opinion wouldn't do it. Seriously.... Why not? St no big deal to Drs or surgeons, but being a powerchair user with disability I have a horrible time! And can barely leave the house. Easy for them to say!!


I too am a powerchair user and it's horrible going out! I couldn't find any dr to remove them either! It's not about the insurance for me!!


Even if you could find a doctor that would do it. it is horrid I've never been in so much pain in my life after I had the surgery to have them removed. Even with pain medication I cannot find a comfortable position whether I was standing sitting or laying. I would scream when I went to the bathroom for months. And now I have another one no way on Earth I would get the surgery again

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