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2 years ago, I developed Shingles. As a guy in his 20s, I was sure I wouldn't get them, but sure enough, I had the worst itchy rash from Hell.

Skip forward to present day, where I started having little hives, in the same place as my shingles. Instant fear.

But they never developed into a rash, just nasty itchy bumps.

I treated them with three things

1) Warm showers, not the steamy hot ones I prefer. The warm will soothe the itch, instead of making you feel like you're in boiling water, due to the increased sensitivity of those areas.

2) Anti-Histamines. I suffer from spring and autumn hayfever, so I usually have Sudaphedrine and Benadryl in the house. They kill the itch after a while and keep it down.

3) Hydrocortisone Ointment. It comes in a toothpaste-like tube and you can get it just about anywhere for $6-$8. Jut dab a little on your finger tip and apply it to the affected area. I did this every time I felt a mosquito-bite level of itch. (Don't get it in your eyes, like I did. Burns like hell. Flush it with cold water if you do.)

So I hope this helps out!

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