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This is my one month update. I went on this site and heard everyones success stories with AVC, so I thought I would give it a try. I had GW for 5 years and didn't do anything about it. I have GWs on my perineum. What I have been doing is dipping a cosmetic pad into AVC and crushed garlic, rinsing it out, folding it into a thin rectangle and placing it on my perineum. I wear this during the day and change the pad a couple times. I let the area dry out at night. The AVC brought out warts all around the sides of my perineum and turned the GWs white. The first few days they were large and swollen. Now, the outside area has scabbed up and is peeling off. However, the GWs on my perineum are still white and may have shrunk a bit. I didn't have super fast results like others on this site. I'm going to continue treatment until everything is gone. I may do another update in a month.

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What do you mean the ACV "brought out warts" ? It made more warts appear? Just curious


Acv brought out more for me too at first. I swoll up and hurt really bad. I have a shitty immune system tho. Anyways, it's been about 2.5 weeks and I have been rotating between castor oil and tea tree oil. I had A LOT of them. All over my lips and inside my vagina. They seem to be working. The swelling is gone, the warts are shrinking. I've taken an ice cube tray and mixed acv and castor oil and froze it so I can insert it at night to help the warts inside.

Cherry Tree

Hi, i noticed i had gw in aug this year. Treated it with crushed garlic and it butned like hell. So i stopped. Then tried the tea trea oil, but it was slow. Then went to doctors to get it frozen. Went home let the gw rest. The nextday continued tried acv (sprayed acv on cotton pads and taped it my entire vagina and slept) it burned but not so bad. The next morning i the big ones turned white and there were also tiny ones. I did the acv daily. As you do it daily it will burn more. The small ones dissapeared, peeled off. It didnt turn black maybe because i did the acv daily and never gave it a long enough break for it to dry and turn black. However, persistent acv treatment will soften the gw and you will be able to peel it off..and there will be a crater, yes you want that. The second month i bought betadine cream and betadine cleanser (providone iodine). So at night i would sleep with the acv and daytime i would put the betadine cream. It works! But you have to be persistent. Yes, the acv will burn. But if you can take it, just continue. If you can't just rest for a few days and sleep with the betadine cream on. I am in my 3rd month. The large ones have gone small and i can peel it off (but ut can hurt abit). Still doing this. Hopefully the gw will go soon!!

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