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Liquid unisom! You should probably only do this if you are going to bed. Take 1 or 2 liquid unisom sleeping pills and open them in a small bowl use a qtip and apply the liquid all over, on and near the tooth. Use all the liquid. And wait! Don't rinse or spit!! Within 5-10 minutes you will get relief! And sleep! An easier way: If you can bite down- put them in your mouth and bite down using the sore tooth and use your tonge to spread the liquid all around the sore area. Fyi- your tongue will be a little numb too!

Who cares! It works!

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This totally works. The relief was instant. It was amazing! Thank you!!!


I need help please someone give me something for a toothache I can't take it it hurt so bad I'm bidding under my bed from the pain...

Angela Gresham

Chiquita did you try what missy said with the unisom and QTip?


Do you know if a tablet trazidone would work?


Can i use the powder form and mix it with water? I only have gel and hqs the powder

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