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I'm a 20 year old women and been suffering for 2 years with anal itching and tons of fissures in cracks of the anus , the itching is unbearable everyday and interferes with my life and work all the time . After a year warts started to apear in small clusters. I have been to the same proctologist about 12 times , has a lazer removal surgery to remove about 40 small warts around the anus , before that he was using acid to try to burn them but never was effective . the laser removal worked but the itching and fissures are not going away and we have tried everything , the itch is unbearable constantly and spreading to vaginal area but no warts any were but around my anal canal and I have never had sex analy... The warts were gone until about 3 weeks ago they came back but only a few ,maybe from itching but I can't help it!!!!!!! I rather be missing an arm then to be dealing with this ... Everything burns the anal area , even water . I'm also a smoker , could be the reason ?? I'm sick of going to the doctor when nothing is being solved . Guess I have to deal with this the rest of my life , any help ??

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Hi my doc said smoking tobacco makes them stick around at least twice as long as non smokers. Tobacco that is, but probably all smoke should be avoided. Hope that helps.


Try an antihistamine tablet, it should help. It will take a while for the skin to go back to normal so just keep taking them daily. Some make you drousy so try and find the one that doesn't!


Antihistamine is for allergies....STOP SMOKING!!!

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