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So i had warts on my vagina, on the outer area and frenulum. I tried the ACV, by putting them in a pad and wear it for at least 30 minutes for few days. At first it didnt hurt that much, days later they sting and hurt like hell!!!

and i didnt see changes like people said on this site, and the ACV didnt get to my warts on the frenulum either. My bf told me to stop and go see a doctor.I went to the doctor and she gave me podophyllin and TCA cream. The warts were gone after the second treatment. When i stopped the treatment for 3 weeks, they came back. I went to the doctor again till its my 5th treatment and i was so desperate because i need to spend a lot of money on it, plus i never know when will it completely gone. I check my diet, and no i dont eat a lot of junks but i eat chicken A LOT and i also exercise 5 times a week. They said you need to boost your immune system to fight the virus so i drank ginger tea every night but still no result. Then i started to have yeast infection and there a white spots around my hymen.

I finally decided to try vegetarian diet, without knowing will it work or not. I also drank betel leaf tea( i went vegetarian not only because of the warts but because i have this excessive body odor thats frustrating). Then, i drink Yakult probiotic every morning too.

By the 4th day i start the diet, my warts are gone! The frenulum area are clean! and the yeast and white spots are gone too.

Its been a month and they havent resurfaced yet, one web said if the warts arent coming back in 3-6 months that means you are totally free from it.

I think ill stay being a vegetarian hahahaha

It might not be the meat from the chicken thats keeping your warts around but those GMO.

Try to change your diet guys, eat lots of veggies and fruits. Hope you can get rid of the warts without pain from ACV or spend a lot of money to the doctors.

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