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ok acv is the real deal I had a massive cluster of warts around my anus and one right by the opening of my vagina i started 3 days ago the first day i took a hot bath after my bath i dried the area and but Vaseline around the area that had no warts to protect it then i took q tip dipped in acv and rubbed it on the warts make sure you get at the roots i did this for about 10-15 mins all depends on how you handle the burn then i took tissue big enough just to cover the wart area soaked it in acv and placed it against the wart and used duck tape to hold it in place i slept with mine on the first day doing this the next morning i bathed did it all over again but this time instead of putting acv tissue there i tapped a big enough piece of banana peel right there yeah i know really but trust me i tapped it there and left it till it was time to go to work. here the best part yesterday while cleaning the area i noticed big pieces of warts coming off some white some black i was thrilled after getting out i took a look the area looks much better then what i started with its not even half the size it used to be just 3 days ago i guess in 3 more days they all should be gone keep you guys updated

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Please do! Our situations sound similar. I began the ACV process today. Fingers crossed.

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