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So I've had cold sores since childhood I found out my grandpa used to get them so I guess I inherited that along with a host of other skin issues passed thru my family lucky me I got everyone's issues and my bro and sis got none. Anyhoo... I've heard about the acetone thing for years and always said omg no way that's crazy. Then I researched it and there's actual science behind using it. Not to say it's the best for your skin to absorb or that it's meant for this use BUT the information I found says its ultra drying which is important because the virus spreads through the liquid inside the blister. So I started with a blister on Tuesday night (too much vday chocolate and well honestly I ate a whole tray of brownies over the course of the week) so I iced it for the duration of one large cube then I actually out of desperation held a cotton ball soaked in acetone to it for 10 min. The itching and heat stopped immediately. I did this every few hours while I was awake. In the morning no more blister just a raised red bump. I used the ice and acetone when I could but with work it wasn't much. Today is Thursday and I have a light pink spot where the blister was. It's not for everyone honestly but I'm severely allergic to abreva and all the other topical treatments. I also took Alleve because it's anti inflammatory. So it may help you it may not but I feel like for me at least the combo definitely helped.

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