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I have recently found out it is whenever i eat after 4 pm. Found out by accident after trying a new way of eating. Eg main meal in the morning then I'm not hungry until about 2 then having a normal lunch and maybe a piece of fruit later before bed...... It makes sense. Food is energy. Tie a dog up for long enough without exercise and see what happens. I can't believe after my whole life 41 years and suffering as a small child with the same thing that it's that easy for me. I'm awake now with severe RLS because I was talked into going to a late BBQ dinner and I ate... Sure enough it's so severe I've just come in from walking the streets after trying a hot shower, Voltarin rub. A remedy a phillipino friend gave me that has menthol in it.... it's now 3:37 am...... And have to be up with the kids by 7. Hope this helps everyone. Sometimes the changes we make take less effort than fighting the symptoms. RLS symptoms take s lot out of you especially when sleep is involved.. I also now don't stress that it's night and I should be sleeping. Let's face it your not going to get any sleep anyway so I folded the washing or cleaned the toilet. All the things I hated doing but may as well now I'm awake... All the best everyone with this awful awful symptom..... Happy cleaning. X

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