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The nail clippers method is not exactly a walk in the park as suggested before.

1st try - EPIC FAIL

It took a good 30min to get a half decent grip, and I had a digital camera connected to the TV. I don't understand how some did it in the bathroom/shower. You don't have a lot of maneuvering room down there and you're milimiters away from cutting the wrong skin and potentially causing incontinence.

I tried the squeeze and hold method, but the pain for me was NOT discomfort. I felt it through the spine. I assume the previous poster didn't feel it so bad because she had most of it excised by a dr. previously and prob the nerve was cut/damaged already. So I just held my breath, squeezed as hard as I could, it hurt like hell for a sec, and... nothing. Someone posted before about cutting rubber-like. Maybe males have thicker skin, dunno (clippers was brand new).

So now the skin tag is 3 times in size, all red and irritated, and some minor bleeding (2 gauze pads) from the base where the clipper crushed the tissue.

2nd try

Waited 10 days for the skin to heal and yesterday tried again.

This time around it took 1 HOUR to get a grip, since the tag was 3 times bigger and couldn't fit it in the clipper (through the side even). Tip: put some spit on it to slide easier as iodine (betadine) makes it dry.

By now I'm tired, having cramps in my muscles (the position) and ready to call it off and try the string method, when somehow I managed to slide it in. I squeezed a bit and waited. It felt like a strong, long pinch, but not excruciating like before.

After about 3-5 minutes (NOT 30 sec) of holding still, it started to get white/bluish (assumed blood flow was cut) and didnt't feel a thing anymore, so I just pressed harder and harder, until I heard the clipper click, and it was gone.

Bleeding stopped after about 20 minutes. Used about 8 gauze pads (4× 2 times), kept pressure on and it was fine.

If you find a good colorectal surgeon you trust, I would pay the $250 or whatever and have it done properly. Mine was a shyster, so had to do it this way.

Disclaimer: Dont trust someone on the internet. This is not advise of any kind, I'm not a medical professional and dont know what I'm talking about.

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