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My name is Pauline and I'm 13 years old. I know that I may be too youg to submit a remedy but I would just like to share my experiences regarding stretch marks.

Starting off, I don't know in what age I had my stretch marks. As far as I remember, the moment I looked at the sides of my bum, I noticed that I had those white, silver-ish lines which were also known as stretch marks.

Ever since then, I started using Bio Oil, Palmer's and other creams I see in the grocery. I hate to say this but, NONE of them worked for me.

Then I stopped buying or investing creams.

(Okay lets fast forward)

So before, my stretchmarks were really bumpy and noticeable.

But not now, my stretchmarks are not yet completely gone since I've been only doing this for 2 weeks but I tell you, my stretchmarks now are so faded looking and very smooth!!

Here are the tips I have for you :)

1.) Drink lots and lots of water. 8-10 glasses a day.

2.) Take cold showers. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, just cold shower the part where your stretchmarks are.

3.) Use a shower gel that contains argan oil.

4.) Use the body hydrating lotion of Nivea, apply in a circular motion. :)

If you want more specific details and instructions... Just leave a comment :)

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